Friday, June 09, 2006


For the second week in a row The Dixie Chicks have the #1 CD on Billboard. Almost 800,000 copies of Taking The Long Way have been sold in 2 weeks.

I totally admit to buying this CD for (1) as a sign of support for the Chicks and (2) to protest against all of their former "fans" who smashed Chick CD's and threatened their lives. What I found was a very strong, emotional offering. Unlike past Chick CD's (and most all country acts) the ladies wrote every song on this one and you can tell.

As for their summer tour 4 dates (Oklahoma, Indy, Memphis and Houston) have been re-evaluated and may be dropped. BUT it seems the Chicks are selling well in BLUE STATES. The D.C. show has only behind the stage seats, Philly sales are ahead of prediction and the Toronto show sold out Air Canada Center in 8 minutes.

On Larry King the Chicks proclaimed their new mantra: What Would Bruce Springsteen Do? Not a bad way to live your life.


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