Friday, October 14, 2005


The first weekend of October found the BF and I heading to North Carolina for the partnership celebration of two lesbian friends of ours A&E. They have been together for almost 18 years and the BF and I have been friends with them for the last 10 years. A&E used to live here in the DC area but moved a year ago to the Outer Banks of NC to run their newly acquired motel and dodge hurricanes.

The BF and I load up the car and head out on Thursday night around 10:30pm to begin our 7 hour trip. The plan was to drive at least half way so we would be able to get to the beach the next day and get some sun. Driving at night is great, no traffic and the speed limit in NC is 70 mph!!!

As we headed down I95 we noticed the there were like no "South of the Border" signs. OK, who the fuck kidnapped Pedro? It seems that some prick who goes by "J.R." has plastered his little flea market ads on all the billboards between here and there. We were NOT pleased. Then we thought "Holy crap, did South of the Border go out of business?" Well, you can relax, after some research I have found that it is still open.

As we approached the I95-I40 interchange we figured we'd stop and get a room. I mean, come on, 2 major Interstate Highways are intersecting, there has to be hotels, food, gas.....Right? BZZZZZZ Wrong! As we merged onto I40 east we were greeted with nothing but total darkness. So on to Wilmington, NC.

We woke in Wilmington around 10am so 6 hours of sleep was ok. We only had another 20 miles to reach our destination which would mean some beach time if it weren't for the clouds that filled the sky. We discovered that our hotel in Wilmington was near 2 points of interest to each of us. For me there was Jeff Gordon Chevrolet, yep, THAT Jeff Gordon. And for him, there was Waffle House.

So after our chow down at Da HOUSE and getting the BF a Waffle House coffee mug from a very nice waitress we headed down the road.

We saw THIS, THIS, and THIS

Who knew that North Carolina was soooo gay friendly?

Friday night the girls threw a big bash with free booze and lots of steamed shrimp. It was great to see them and all of our other mutual friends.

Saturday we awoke to more clouds and some rain. I guess that's why we look so grumpy in the pic. That's me on the left with my new Jeff Gordon Chevrolet hat and the BF

Saturday night was the big ceremony on a tour boat that took us out to the intercoastal and bay for a 4 hour ceremony/dinner/dancing cruise. I had never been on a large boat for a cruise so I wasn't sure about the whole "sea sick" thing. It seems that Cosmopolitans are just the right medicine. The cruise was great, the ceremony was both unique and beautiful, and the dancing was a blast. We were so happy to be a part of our friends very special weekend.

Sunday we drove home.

and remember...Pedro sez "Chili Tonight, Hot Tamale"


At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for making our event part of your site event! I only read a couple of your postings but each one has offered me added laughter to what started out as a typical emailing day! Thanks for sharing.


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